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C# Design Patterns
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CSharp Design Patterns


Design patterns are an important part of the CSharp (or any other language really) developement. Most professional developers have them memorized. I am more of a hobbiest, so I do not have them all memoried. There are design pattern posts, videos, and guides everywhere on the web, many of which are wrong or outdated. I found myself getting frustrated with the google results, trying to find twhat I needed. To solve this, I decided to put together my own collection of design patterns.

Everthing starts somewhere

I started this repo as a fork. At the initial glance, most of the patterns I planned to add were present and resembled my expectations. As I have worked with it, however, I found many things I did not like. Mind you, some of that is probably preference. None the less, some, I have done little more to, than add comments, while others, I have completely rewritten. I've tried to create examples that were easy to follow without 10 years of corporate coding experience.


I suspect this will be most useful for learners and hobbiest like myself. The professional community likely can write (or insert) the code in less time than it takes to find this repository. That said, feel free to use as you see fit. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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