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ClosedBSD is a FreeBSD derived firewall distribution bootable from a cdrom, compact flash, or floppy diskette. It features a complete curses based user interface for managing your network interfaces and firewall rulesets.
The ClosedBSD project is no longer maintained, however I've made the source available here in case anyone is interested in working with it or contributing to it. I will happily review any pull requests.
The last known FreeBSD release that the ClosedBSD build was compatible with was 4.5-RELEASE. I have tried a few times to get the build process working with current FreeBSD releases, however critical things have changed and the procedures need to be updated.
A special thanks to Bruce M. Simpson for his extensive help getting my mess of code/directories into a working build.
This is the top level of the ClosedBSD source directory.
For copyright information, please see the file COPYRIGHT in this directory (additional copyright information also exists for some sources in this tree - please see the specific source directories for more information).
The Makefile in this directory has a number of convenience targets for building and mastering ClosedBSD boot images from the source tree. Most of the time users can simply type 'make iso' and the build infrastructure will DTRT. For more detailed information, please read the Makefile.
The build process has been completely reworked such that unattended builds from source are now possible. Objects are built outside of the source tree using the standard MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX semantics familiar to BSD systems.
ClosedBSD Source Roadmap:
bin System/User commands.
closedbsd ClosedBSD specific commands, including the config shell.
release Subdirectories for cdrom, floppy and flash releases.
sbin System binaries
usr.bin User commands.
usr.sbin System administration commands.