A BMC (LOM) created with a Raspberry Pi
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A BMC (LOM) created with a Raspberry Pi.

Allows one to build a Raspberry Pi-based BMC unit for an IPMI-less server. The Raspbian system must include the package screen and (via pip) the Python libraries python-daemon and raspberry-gpio-python (installed by default).

More information can be found here: https://www.boniface.me/post/a-raspberry-pi-bmc/

There are three main files:

  1. bmcd - BMC Daemon

    Runs in the background of the system and handles reading and writing GPIO.

  2. bmc.sh - The BMC shell

    Should be set as the default shell of the login user (bmc) and provides user interface to the BMC.

  3. rc.local - The rc.local file

    The system rc.local should be replaced (or symlinked) to this file to start the bmcd daemon and screen console session on boot.