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This app demonstrates how to bootstrap JSON data from ERB templates into a
Backbone app.
-## Set up
+This is done by dumping JSON into a `<script>` tag on `posts/index.html.erb`,
+then loading the data into a Backbone collection to be rendered by a Backbone
- $ bundle
+## Reasoning
-## Tests
+Bootstrapping data to the view and using Backbone to display it is a quick way
+of integrating Backbone into an app that currently doesn't use it. Why?
+Because it requires no change from the controllers to expose an API. By
+reading JSON from the page, it becomes very simple to use pieces of Backbone
+(models, collections, views) without AJAX requests or routers; those can come
- $ rake
+## Set up the app
+ $ bundle && bundle --binstubs
+## Start the app
+ $ rails s
## Bootstrap Data
$ rake db:bootstrap
+## Run Tests
+ $ rake
+## License
+See the LICENSE
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