Beta & RC Tests

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Beta & RC Tests

On this page, we will anounce the start of "beta" and "release canditate" tests for blueprint, its plugins & surroundings.

Upcoming Test canditates

  1. blueprint 1.1.
  2. sketch sheet
  3. blueprint theme for wordpress

Current Beta canditates

Current RC canditates

Official Testers

  1. Kevin A. Cameron link follows

We're currently building the group. Your Name will be featured here, along with a link to your site. If you want to assign, please read the last paragraph.

If you got a plugin for blueprint or started working on one, please inform us and we will add your plugin here and get someone testing it.

Want to become part of the (invite only) beta test group?
Send a short info about yourself and why you want to be part of the group to the email address below.
Official Beta Testers gain access to pre-release canditates and other stuff that we develop (eg. sketch sheets, ps-scripts, etc).
Note: It helps if you send us links that shows that you help people with blueprint or blog about it, etc.

Contact: blueprintcss.beta [at]