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Latest commit ec34423 May 3, 2016 @joshuaclayton Remove unused binary
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bin Remove unused binary May 3, 2016
irbrc.d Let's get more historical Apr 2, 2014
thor.d Remove unused thor files Jun 21, 2012
vim Update Vim dependencies May 3, 2016
zsh_profile.d Quotes around export in autoenv Apr 13, 2015
.gitignore Migrate from pathogen to vundle May 25, 2013
.gitmodules Migrate from pathogen to vundle May 26, 2013
MANIFEST Add tigrc May 24, 2013
Rakefile Add back overly aggressive code removal from Rakefile Jun 27, 2013
aliasrc Remove unused testing helpers Feb 26, 2012
editrc Reverse-search in irb Sep 23, 2011
inputrc Ctrl+l finally works in, well, everything Apr 17, 2014
irbrc Move prompt mode so sourced files can override IRB prompt Feb 6, 2011
powconfig Add powconfig Mar 2, 2012
pryrc Require irb in pry Apr 16, 2014
rdebugrc Add rdebugrc Feb 8, 2011
tigrc Update to latest convention Jun 17, 2015
tmux.conf Get more historical Mar 19, 2016
zshenv Wire up docker-machine Mar 19, 2016
zshrc Automatically attach to a tmux session if not already in tmux Aug 23, 2013
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