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Because everyone else is doing it
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bin Add some docker-related things
irbrc.d Let's get more historical
thor.d Remove unused thor files
vim Update vundle.vim
zsh_profile.d Add some docker-related things
.gitignore Migrate from pathogen to vundle
MANIFEST Add tigrc
Rakefile Add back overly aggressive code removal from Rakefile
ackrc Ignore directories generated by Rails' asset pipeline or Jasmine
aliasrc Remove unused testing helpers
editrc Reverse-search in irb
gemrc Update gem sources
inputrc Ctrl+l finally works in, well, everything
irbrc Move prompt mode so sourced files can override IRB prompt
pryrc Require irb in pry
rdebugrc Add rdebugrc
tigrc Add tigrc
tmux.conf Tweak date in tmux status bar
vimrc Update vundle.vim
zshenv Wire up things to check if there's an active internet connection
zshrc Automatically attach to a tmux session if not already in tmux
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