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<p>Blueprint <span class="caps">CSS</span> provides a good foundation of styles as well as a standard grid. For a developer working on a single site, it is ideal to just include the entire Blueprint directory within the project. However, if you&#8217;re going to be bundling Blueprint with multiple projects, and <em>especially</em> if you&#8217;re doing any custom <span class="caps">CSS</span> or grid manipulation, it is ideal to use the <code>settings.yml</code> file to store site-specific data and output from that directory. An example file has been bundled within Blueprint (<code>BLUEPRINT_DIR/lib/settings.example.yml</code>) to act as a reference.</p>
- <h2>About the Author.</h2>
- <p>I&#8217;m a twenty-four year old web developer from Grand Rapids, MI working for an incredible company called <a href="">Fusionary Media</a> as a Ruby on Rails developer.</p>

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