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An exception logger for Rails 2.3
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Latest commit d3ccd31 May 29, 2009 Joshua Clayton Wrap AR calls for exception classes and controller actions in with_ex…
…clusive_scope to ensure that the default scope isn't applied to the query (ordering by a column not included in SELECT DISTINCT is a no-no)




Install the plugin:

script/plugin install git://

Move the assets (requires rsync):

cd vendor && rake watchtower:sync

Set up ApplicationController

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base include Watchtower::ApplicationControllerBase force_public_request_handling! # use this to force local development to rescue actions like a production server
  1. etc…

If you want to secure the data, you might want to set up an initializer:

WatchtowerController.class_eval do before_filter :check_credentials private def check_credentials
  1. call login_required (from your auth system or whatever) unless viewing a specific exception by key
    login_required unless find_by_key?

Copyright © 2009 Josh Clayton, released under the MIT license

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