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# -- extensions to Pygame for angrydd
# Copyright 2004 Joe Wreschnig <>
# Released under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.
__revision__ = "$Id: 286 2004-09-04 03:51:59Z piman $"
import os
import util
from pygame import mixer, error, time
# Override the standard mixer_music methods with ones that can
# fail gracefully if the mixer can't start or the music file
# is missing.
def new_load(filename):
except error:
print ("W: Unable to load %s" % filename),
if os.path.exists(filename): print "(is your soundcard in use?)"
else: print "(where's the full sounds/ directory?)"
def new_play(loop):
except error: pass
def new_fadeout(time):
except error: pass = = = = new_load = new_play = new_fadeout
# Override time.get_ticks() to subtract an offset; this allows simple
# pausing of game for all objects using get_ticks().
time._get_ticks = time.get_ticks
time.paused = False
time.__start_pause = 0
time.__at_pause = 0
time.__offset = 0
time.clock = util.WaitClock()
def pause():
if not time.paused:
time.__start_pause = time._get_ticks()
time.__at_pause = time.get_ticks()
time.paused = True
time.pause = pause
def unpause():
if time.paused:
time.__offset += time._get_ticks() - time.__start_pause
time.paused = False
time.unpause = unpause
def toggle_pause():
if time.paused: time.unpause()
else: time.pause()
time.toggle_pause = toggle_pause
def new_get_ticks():
if time.paused: return time.__at_pause
else: return time._get_ticks() - time.__offset
time.get_ticks = new_get_ticks
# Override Sound. This returns a dummy object when the sound file could
# not be loaded (busy soundcard, missing file, bad SDL_mixer...)
mixer._Sound = mixer.Sound
def new_Sound(filename):
try: return mixer._Sound(filename)
except error:
print ("W: Unable to load %s" % filename),
return FakeSound()
mixer.Sound = new_Sound
# Pretend to be a sound. FIXME: There might be some way to check
# function arity and detect more calling problems ahead of time.
class FakeSound(object):
def __getattr__(self, name):
if not isinstance(mixer._Sound, type) or hasattr(mixer._Sound, name):
if name.startswith("get_"): return (lambda *args: 0)
else: return (lambda *args: None)
else: raise AttributeError, name