machinery for creating a google custom search based on keywords and del.ici.ous bookmarks
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This project was intended to use google custom search (gcs) to create a general 
purpose search engine for programmers.  Vanilla google can be hard to work with 
sometimes because you have to qualify your search occasionally, for example if 
I were looking for documentation on ruby or rake or gems then I would have to 
use search terms like 'ruby programming language' or 'ruby gems' or 'ruby rake'.  
But if we had a search engine just for programmers I could just use the specific 
term.  Another issue is the multitude of annoying websites that mirror mailing 
lists or have technical information buried in advertisements.  The programmers 
search would have blacklisted sites like that so I don't waste my time or 
encourage sites of a similar ilk.

It was really just a quick experiment to see how gcs would work.  I created a 
set of rake tasks that would use del.ici.ous to get sets of highly regarded urls 
on particular keywords.  The keywords are seeded from a file.  The delicious 
bookmarks are then parsed and stripped down into workable urls that are inserted 
into a google annotation xml.  That xml can be uploaded to the google custom 
search console and voila, you have a search engine.

Outcome???  Fail.
Explanation: Google limits us to 2000 annotations per file and 5000 annotations 
per user.  Just with the initial set of keywords I came up with and only using 
the first page of delicious search results for each keyword I have over 1600 
annotations, and for the site to be really useful I would need many times that 
number.  So until google lets me have more annotations I think this approach 
won't work.

Next Steps: I could create search engines on the fly for things I'm currently 
working on.  For example if I am doing ruby work I could create one for ruby.  
When I start to hit the 5000 annotation limit I just need to delete one of my 
search engines to free up space.  I still think 5000 is a pretty limited size 
for the maximum number of annotations, but whatever.