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  • Hide the Settings > Writing menu item, which shows up with Disable Comments enabled everywhere. Thanks to @dater for identifying.
  • Fix fatal error conflict with WooCommerce versions older than 2.6.3 (props to @Mahjouba91 for the heads up), no returns an array of comments in the filter for those older WooCommerce versions.
  • Add de/activation hooks to clear comment caches
  • Cleanup comment count functions.
  • Disable the REST API for 'post' post type. Props to @shawnhooper.
  • Fix unintended redirect for custom admin pages under tools.php. Props to @greatislander for the catch.
  • Refactor code to match WP Plugin Boilerplate structure, including:
  • Move hooks and filters into loader class.
  • Separate Admin and Public hooks.
  • Add support for internationalization.
  • Expanded inline documentation.
  • Add another failsafe for potential redirect loops.
  • Disable comments feed only if 'post' is only type shown.
  • Hide/redirect discussion options page if 'post' is the only post type supporting it (typically supported by pages).
  • Filter comment counts to remove comments associated with 'post' post type.
  • Add $is_comment_feed variable to disable feed filters.
  • Remove feed link from front end (for WP >= 4.4.0), remove comment feed link if 'post' is the only post type supporting comments.
  • Hide options in Reading Settings page related to posts (shows front page and search engine options only now), previously it was hiding everything on this page (bugfix!).
  • Fix show_on_front pages - now, if it's set to 'posts' it will set the blog page to value 0 (not a valid option) and set the front page to value 1.
  • Add uninstall.php to remove plugin version saved in options table on uninstall.
  • Weird issue with svn, same as version 0.3.2.
  • Fix potential loop issue with home_url in redirection function.
  • Fix custom taxonomy save redirect (used to redirect to dashboard, now it saves correctly).
  • Add/update readme.txt.
  • Singleton Class.
  • Clean up documentation.
  • Add filters.

More improvements:

  • Remove 'post' post type from most queries.
  • Change disable feed functionality to a redirect instead of die message.
  • Refine admin redirects.
  • Add redirects for Single Posts, Post Archives, Tag & Category archives to home page (the latter two are only redirected if 'post' post type is the only post type associated with it).
  • Filter out the 'post' post type from 'Comments' admin page.
  • Remove Post from '+New' admin bar menu.
  • Hide number of posts and comment count on Activity dashboard widget.
  • Remove 'Writing' Options from Settings Menu.
  • Redirect 'Writing' Options to General Options.
  • Hide 'Posts' options on 'Menus' admin page.
  • Remove Post Related Widgets.
  • Disable "Press This" functionality.
  • Disable "Post By Email" functionality.
  • Force Reading Settings: show_on_front, pages_for_posts, and posts_on_front, if they are not already set.
  • Hide other post-related reading options, except Search Engine Visibility.

Initial beta release.