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dota2api: wrapper and parser

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Wrapper and parser in Python created for interacting and getting data easily from Valve's Dota 2 API. It supports Python versions 2.6 to 2.7+, 3.2 to 3.5+ along with PyPy/PyPy3

This library parses some ID's into the dictionary keys like hero_name and so on. See src.parse for details.

This also comes with a growing set of tests and some documentation for the API itself.

Look how easy it is...

>>> import dota2api
>>> api = dota2api.Initialise("API_KEY")
>>> hist = api.get_match_history(account_id=41231571)
>>> match = api.get_match_details(match_id=1000193456)
>>> match['radiant_win']

You can even store your API key as an environment variable instead of passing it through Initialise() to save some finger work.

$  export D2_API_KEY=83247983248793298732


Install via pip...

$ pip install dota2api

Or the old fashioned way...

$ git clone
$ cd dota2api
$ python install


Documentation is available at

Supported API calls

  • get_match_history
  • get_match_history_by_seq_num
  • get_match_details
  • get_player_summaries
  • get_league_listing
  • get_live_league_games
  • get_team_info_by_team_id
  • get_heroes
  • get_tournament_prize_pool
  • get_game_items
  • get_top_live_games


  • EconomySchema

Run the tests

Using nose and nose-cov:

$ nosetests --with-cov --cov-report html dota2api tests

To install them do the following:

$ pip install nose nose-cov