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Fixed type in parsing diagram

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1 parent 55bceb3 commit 4b6c64bf6dc5eaed59b84d2cea6fe5bfd2557441 @jagregory jagregory committed May 13, 2009
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Generated with
DocumentationGenerator->AssemblyXmlParser: Load and parse Xml and Assemblies
AssemblyXmlParser->DocumentableMembersFinder: Find members of assemblies to document
-DocumentableMembersFinder->AssembyXmlParser: Return found members
+DocumentableMembersFinder->AssemblyXmlParser: Return found members
AssemblyXmlParser->DocumentationXmlMatcher: Match Xml nodes to documentable members
DocumentationXmlMatcher->AssemblyXmlParser: Return paired members
AssemblyXmlParser->DocumentModel: Transform pairs to model

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