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-FubuMVC ReadMe
+Why does `git status` show that all of my files are modified?
+FubuMVC is built by Windows users, so all of the text files have CRLF line endings. These line endings are stored as-is in git (which means we all have autocrlf turned off).
+If you have autocrlf enabled, when you retrieve files from git, it will modify all of your files. Your best bet is to turn off autocrlf, and re-create your clone of FubuMVC.
+1. Delete your local clone of the FubuMVC repository
+1. Type: `git config --global core.autocrlf false`
+1. Type: `git config --system core.autocrlf false`
+1. Clone the FubuMVC repository again
+[More information about working with git and FubuMVC](
-How to Build
+Where is CommonAssemblyInfo.cs?
-The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.
+CommonAssemblyInfo.cs is generated by the build. The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.
1. Run `InstallGems.bat` to get the ruby dependencies (only needs to be run once per computer)
1. open a command prompt to the root folder and type `rake` to execute rakefile.rb
@@ -12,5 +22,6 @@ The build script requires Ruby with rake installed.
If you do not have ruby:
1. You need to manually create a src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file
* type: `echo // > src\CommonAssemblyInfo.cs`
1. open src\FubuMVC.sln with Visual Studio and Build the solution
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