Starting point for an application that requires authenticated access to Github API
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Github API Client

This repo serves as a starting point for building a client-side application that requires authenticated access to the Github API.

Uses Ruby Sinatra for minimal server-side functionality. Ideal for deploying to Heroku.

Getting started

Clone (don't Fork) this repo into a local folder for your application (coolapp):

git clone git:// coolapp

Configure your Github application keys:

  1. Register your application with Github

  2. Create your settings file

    cp .settings.sample .settings

  3. Edit .settings to include your application's Client ID and Client Secret, as shown on Github.

Run the application. The default page will have a link to sign in to Github. This will authenticate the user via OAuth. If it is sucessful, the user will be redirected back to the homepage, and their access token will be available in javascript as user.token.