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Leveraging Conventions in .NET
Conventions are polices that are encoded in your application/framework/team that guide you toward doing the "right" thing.
They do things automatically (magic!), but can be overridden when necessary
Show pages of application
* Edit EditPatient.aspx, add Id() to date tags
* write script to attach datepickers to those IDs
Show it works
Explicit coding of Ids is tiresome
* eliminate duplication, create convention to generate IDs, remove Id() calls
refresh, view source, show IDs are updated, datepickers still work
jQuery allows using CSS selectors, clean up the script with a single call
* manually AddClass("date"), update script
Show it still works
We are always going to want datepickers for dates - make it happen!
* create convention to add "date" class based on data type, remove AddClass() calls
show it still works
Show appointment page, notice dates arent pickers
* move script to Edit.master page, now show both pages have datepickers
Two of the inputs should really be times
* manually AddClass("time"), update script to showTime=true
show it works (show other date field is still only date)
We will always want times to use timepickers
* create convention to add "datetime" based on property name
git checkout helpstart
Show script needed to call to show context sensitive help
show currently hardcoded link to topic in main navigation
* create html convention to add help link after every input
* write script in site.master that wires up all helpLinks to showHelp using the topic from metadata
Show the app. click on various questions marks. mention that the topic is just a key - the related document will have proper information
* Add a script text/html tag on site.master that contains a HelpLinkTag for the page's topic
* append the link's html() to the first h2
We can use conventions to generate our database
Show empty database
* run irake
Refresh database
Point out table and column names and datatypes generated by convention
* Add State property
* edit EditPatient to add input for State
* run irake
The state column is also 255 - thats too big
Refresh the app, show editing the State allows a lot of characters. click Save - succeeds! even without name, and with long state
Explain that the model doesn't contain enough information. There are additional details we would like to express - attributes!
* Write attributes for MaxLength and Required
* apply attributes to model
* write FNH convention to respect attributes
* run irake
Refresh the database, show the columns changed
Show app is unchanged
* Write html convention for maxlength and required
* build
Show app
State will not allow more than 2 characters
Save - should get validation errors about name
* bonus! show dates arent validated. add Html convention to add "date" class.