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A JSON extention plugin for Tiddlywiki
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05th November 2019 at 4:20pm

Hello There


Complex JSON Support & Tools by Joshua Fontany, v 2.0.6

This plugin changes the methods tiddlywiki uses to retrieve and set values in json data tiddlers. It does so in a way that aims for backwards compatibility.

It introduces new features, widgets, and filter operators to manage, edit, and view json tiddlers:

  • Allows Tiddlywiki TextReferences to target nested values ("complex json").
  • An automatic alert when calling actions on an invalid json data tiddler, or when plugin tiddlers have been edited.
  • New buttons in the editTemplate for 'application/json' data tiddlers.
  • $jsonmangler, a widget that catches messages to edit json data tiddlers (used in the editTemplate).
  • A new $:/ControlPanel tab, Plugin Management which allows plugin creation and editing using the new json libraries.
  • New filter operators:
    • An updated indexes[] operator that can show all index paths. If given the argument verbose, it will list all paths, including the root path to nested objects and arrays.
    • A new hasindex[] operator that returns only those input tiddlers that have a value at the index path supplied.
    • A new tsort[] operator that uses a tokenized sorting method to resolve pesky sorting problems.
    • A new pair of filter operators: encodeindex[] and decodeindex[]. These are used to "escape" or "unescape" the index path separation character / (and the encoding character ~ ). This can be used to build paths with literal /s in a key name token. This is very useful and must be studied closely.
    • A new encodetiddler[] operator, which returns each tiddler in the input as a full json object. Used with the previous pair of operators, this can be used to pack plugin tiddlers.


JsonMangler requires the following excellent plugins:

  • ModLoader by Evan Balster
  • Action-MakeTid by Matabele.

Thanks you two!

For Single-file .html wikis / Node served tid files saved to wiki folder:

Go to the JsonMangler Example Wiki. Scroll to the $:/plugins/joshuafontany/jsonmangler tiddler. Drag and drop the following links to your own wiki to install the plugins. Restart your server and(or) refresh your wiki.

  • $:/plugins/ebalster/modloader
  • $:/plugins/matabele/action-maketid
  • $:/plugins/joshuafontany/jsonmangler

For Node served from TiddlyWiki's plugin folder (tiddlywiki on node.js, Bob on node.js, etc):

Use Git to clone my master repository into a folder in your TiddlyWiki5 repo's plugin folder, then setup folders for the required plugins or import them as above.

Alternately, you can use the minified single-file versions under node.js, which are found in the Releases tab.

Go to Json Mangler Github Releases and download the latest *.zip file.

Place the *.zip file in your .\TiddlyWiki5 directory (or the root above your custom .\plugins folder), right click and select Extract Here (7zip) or Extract to here (Winzip).

A series of folders and a (json) file containing all the tiddlers for each required plugin will then be placed in within your .\plugins folder.

Edit any wiki's file to include the following in the plugins array.


Finally, restart your server.

Important Info

Further documentation is available in the example wiki:

This plugin is a work in progress; any suggestions or bug reports are very welcome.

Please report any issues on GitHub:

If you find this useful and would care to donate, please use my PayPal:

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