Statistical Feedback externals for Pure Data
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*** Directions ***

The first inlet receives an audio signal. To run the external in its standard, probabilistic mode, connect it to the output of a noise~ object.

The second inlet receies a float that determines the number of elements (which directly corresponds to the periodicity of the output signal). Minimum is 2; maximum is 1000.

The third inlet receives a float which determines the exponent of the growth function. This corresponds to how predictable the periodicity of the output signal will be. Minimum is 0 (white noise); maximum is 1000.

*** Info ***

Statistical Feedback external for Pure Data

Copyright (c) 2015 Joshua Hudelson

Statfeed~ is a sound synthesis external for Pure Data. It generates an audio signal based on the "Statistical Feedback" process, as described by Charles Ames and Larry Polansky.

For more information on Statistical Feedback, see Ames' "Statistics and Compositional Balance" in Perspectives of New Music, Vol. 28, No. 1, Winter, 1990, pp. 80-111 and Polansky's "A Few More Words about James Tenney: Dissonant Counterpoint and Statistical Feedback" in the Journal of Mathematics and Music, Vol. Volume 5, Number 2, 1 July 2011, pp. 63-82.

Work on this external began in June of 2014 at the Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music at U.C. Santa Cruz. Special thanks to Larry Polansky, David Kant, Jaime Oliver, and Noah Hudelson for their invaluable help.