You're a rainbow-pooping unicorn. How long can you fly through the sky?
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Unisquirt Build Status

You're a rainbow-pooping unicorn. How long can you fly through the sky?

How to Play

Newcomers (non-coders)

Download the latest release of this project, extract that onto your computer, and open index.html in a browser (preferably Google Chrome). That's it!

You gain points the more jumps you can do without touching the ground or dying.

In your own site

Upload the latest release of Unisquirt (or your built version) to your FTP server.


Build Process

Unisquirt uses Grunt to automate building, which requires Node.js. The process is straightforward; see Grunt's help page.


Unisquirt is built on a modular framework called GameStartr. The FullScreenShenanigans organization contains GameStartr, its parent class EightBittr, and the modules used by the GameStartr framework. These all (theoretically) have their own README files, which you should skim before developing for Unisquirt itself.

All source code is in the Source directory. The Unisquirt.ts class declaration contains class functions and some constants, while static settings to be added to the Unisquirt prototype, such as map layouts and object attributes, are stored in files under Source/settings, such as audio.ts and collisions.ts.


This is released under the MIT License (see License.txt).