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Commits on Nov 20, 2011
  1. @jtimberman

    rsyslog v1.0.0

    jtimberman authored
  2. @jtimberman

    Merge branch 'COOK-836'

    jtimberman authored
  3. @jtimberman

    COOK-836 - search for a specified role (via attribute)

    jtimberman authored
    * no longer uses the rsyslog['server'] attribute to search
    * default server role to search for is `loghost`, see README
    * change attributes from Ruby symbols to strings
    * add a port attribute to specify a port other than 514 (still default)
    * extensive updates describing behavior
Commits on Nov 18, 2011
  1. @jtimberman

    Merge branch 'COOK-716'

    jtimberman authored
  2. @jtimberman
  3. @jtimberman
  4. @lamont-granquist

    COOK-716: needs :immediately or later resources can die with auth exc…

    lamont-granquist authored
    …eptions, which blocks the :reload
  5. @sdelano @lamont-granquist

    aws v0.99.1

    sdelano authored lamont-granquist committed
  6. @jtimberman @lamont-granquist
  7. @viralshah @lamont-granquist

    Fixes COOK-610

    viralshah authored lamont-granquist committed
    Allows description attribute to be passed when creating snapshot
  8. @viralshah @lamont-granquist
  9. @viralshah @lamont-granquist
  10. @jnewland @lamont-granquist

    don't perform version checking

    jnewland authored lamont-granquist committed
  11. @jtimberman
  12. @jtimberman
  13. @andreacampi @jtimberman

    [COOK-553] FreeBSD support in the python cookbook

    andreacampi authored jtimberman committed
  14. @jtimberman

    nagios v1.0.2

    jtimberman authored
  15. @jtimberman
  16. @jellybob @jtimberman
  17. @clumpidy @jtimberman

    By using reload instead of restart on changes to configuration files …

    clumpidy authored jtimberman committed
    …we get nagios to validate the config changes before they are applied. If something in the new config would break nagios the chef-client fails, but leaves nagios alive.
  18. @jtimberman

    wordpress v0.8.6

    jtimberman authored
  19. @lusis @jtimberman

    allowing htaccess for permalinks

    lusis authored jtimberman committed
  20. @jtimberman
  21. @jtimberman
  22. @jtimberman
  23. @jtimberman

    samba v0.10.4

    jtimberman authored
  24. @jtimberman
  25. @jtimberman
  26. @jtimberman
  27. @schisamo @jtimberman

    name attributes should not have a default value

    schisamo authored jtimberman committed
  28. @jtimberman

    chef-client v1.0.4

    jtimberman authored
  29. @jtimberman

    COOK-781 only use SANE_PATHS constant if it's defined.

    Alex Tomlins authored jtimberman committed
  30. @williamsjj @jtimberman
  31. @williamsjj @jtimberman

    Added missing "/" to log path in Solaris SMF script.

    williamsjj authored jtimberman committed
  32. @williamsjj @jtimberman
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