Combines Twitter Bootstrap and CodeIgniter together with many useful functions and libraries, allowing you to start programming your idea and skip the starting phase of web development.
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CodeIgniter Bootstrap kick starts the development process of the web development process by including Twitter Bootstrap into CodeIgniter. It also includes certain libraries such as AWS and Facebook in-case you are developing applications requiring those SDKs. So stop writing the same code over again and start working on your idea.

CodeIgniter Bootstrap follows the path where it lazy loads libraries. Though the project footprint may be large, the memory footprint will still be extremely light. Try not to autoload libraries as it does not follow the CodeIgniter convention (though some libraries do make sense to autoload).


Derived from CodeIgniter, read CodeIgniter Installation for how to install using this zipball instead. If you're not familiar with CodeIgniter, I suggest reading the CodeIgniter Tutorial on how to get started and read the wiki for more information.


Check out the Wiki for more information.


This is currently a very active project, there are no projected release locks planned. All changes will be latest in master and may be unstable.


MIT with CodeIgniter Amendments