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LDAP module for PyroCMS

AppStucco's LDAP module supports the latest release of PyroCMS 2.x so that your enterprise can provide seamless single sign-on functionality for your PyroCMS sites. Now your organization can leverage the power of PyroCMS without worrying about creating multiple user accounts, and utilize existing user directories and authentication with LDAP and ActiveDirectory.


The LDAP module is actually a package of code that contains

  1. a new admin PyroCMS module
  2. a library class
  3. a core update to the PyroCMS User module (ion_auth)

To install the code follow the installation instructions in the file.


Feel free to get involved by joining the dev work at or by contributing and forking to your heart's content on GitHub.


Copyright (c) 2012. AppStucco, Inc. This code is open source and provided under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details