Basic Tumblr theme built upon Twitter's Bootstrap framework. I'm developing this theme to make it easy to keep a consistent UI on both a Bootstrap-based app and its blog.
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Bootstrap Tumblr Theme

Install this theme on your Tumblr using this link:

I'll be sure to keep the theme up-to-date with the most recent code. Install it to automatically keep up with future developments.



What: A Tumblr theme built on top of Twitter's Bootstrap framework (v2.x).

Why: To minimize the effort required to maintain consistent designs on both a Bootstrap-based web app and its blog.

How: Borrowed the overall structure from the awesome Royal Ribbon theme, and rebuilt it using Bootstrap markup and styles.


This theme provides a very basic and barebones framework within which to apply your own styles. Typically this involves linking to your web app's existing stylesheet, then applying further custom CSS to polish off the integration with Tumblr.

By default this theme uses Bootstrap's responsive styles, so it should look sexy across devices and form factors. Of course the devil is in the details, so be sure to tweak for your needs.


This theme can be installed via Tumblr's theme gallery:

Take a look at the available configuration variables, particularly the Application Stylesheet which lets you pull in any of your existing Bootstrap styles.

Tweaks and modifications to the markup can be made as follows:

  • Click Edit HTML
  • Tweak to your satisfaction using familiar Bootstrap styles and structure
  • Save and start posting!

Configuration Variables

Background - Background image.

Sharing Buttons - Tweet button (optional via @account & post-tweet follow recommendation), Facebook Like button.

Disqus Shortname - Adds Disqus-powered comments to each post permalink page.

Application Stylesheet - Drop in your application stylesheet URL here to instruct Tumblr to assimilate your application styling. Hopefully it "just works". Failing that, you can either drop in some Custom CSS or customize the theme markup directly.

Show Description On Index - Optionally hide the hero unit (blog description) on the index page.


  • make it better™
    • translation: looking for feedback and bug reports, please complain, fork and contribute!)

Blogs Built With Bootstrap Tumblr Theme

  • Namevine Blog
  • ... your site? fork and submit a pull request with your site listed here

License & Notes

The MIT License - Copyright (c) 2012 Mike Jarema