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A paid Shopify Theme powered by Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.


01 Feb 2012 - Under development

  • Aiming to release within the next 10 days (10 Feb 2012).
  • Plan sell in the Shopify Theme Store - at their minimum paid price point of $80.
  • Expect to launch with 1 preset theme and release 3 more variations (which are included in the purchase) within 30 days following the initial release (1 new variation every 10 days: 20 February, 1 March, 11 March).
  • I will fully support the theme and contribute any bug fixes back into the Twitter Bootstrap project.
  • This project will be kept open source (even though it's a paid theme). I trust people will be honest and pay for the theme if they use it as a foundation for their store ... think - if you charge $40/hr and this code saves you >2hrs work (and trust me it will!) then bill your client, and flick me the $80 to continue maintaining & supporting this theme.
  • I will keep this theme up-to-date with all future Twitter Bootstrap releases.



  1. Read Twitter Bootstrap documentation - DONE
  2. Read Shopify documentation - DONE
  3. Read Shopify Theme Review Guidlines - DONE
  4. Research existing themes on the Shopify Theme Store - DONE


  1. Join Shopify Partner Program - DONE
  2. Create Affiliate Store (for testing) via the Partner Program Dashboard - DONE -
  3. Setup local OSX / Textmate development - DONE
  4. TextMate - the missing editor for Mac OS X
  5. shopify.tmbundle - A bundle for interacting with Shopify Theme Assets.
  6. shopify_theme - A console tool for interacting with Shopify Theme Assets.
  7. liquid-tmbundle - Liquid Templates Textmate Bundle


  1. Complete Shopify's introductory "7 steps to launching your store""
  2. Populate store with 10 demo products
  3. Stub out all navigable pages
  4. ... Built it :-)