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A simple codeigniter skeleton app based on html5boilerplate and twitter bootstrap
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A CodeIgniter skeleton application based on twitter bootstrap 2 and html5boilerplate 3.

  • Codeigniter 2.1.0
  • bootstrap 2.0.2
  • html5boilerplate 3.0.2
  • unique style css contains all bootstrap css (responsive and basic), ang global css for custom styles.
  • unique plugin js contains all bootstrap plugins.
  • view rendering handled by a smart MY_Controller.
  • jQuery 1.7.1
  • underscore.js 1.3.1
  • nav_helper
  • .htacces tip for remove index.php
  • basejs view always include in page. (usefull to access via js some server side information e.g. base_url())


  1. edit .htaccess file in order to match your server config (see line 5 in the file); if you have http://localhost/site you nedd to set RewriteBase /site/
  2. set up yor defaults values in application/config/development/custom.php
  3. take a look to home controller and template view files to understand how does rendering works.
  4. create your template: i've set up an header, footer, nav, and main for example purpose. Skeleton.php contains the scaffolding page.
  5. pass your data to the view using in controller $this->data["my_var"] = "value";


is made for my basic page template. You need to customize it in order to match your needs. Feel free to improve it. Send a pull request, or contact me.

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