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Eric Clemmons' Dotfiles

Fork of Mathias's dotfiles primarily for Node/PHP development. Compare the differences.

Dotfiles (~/.*) are environment & application configuration files.


First, we need to pull down this repository & sync it's dotfiles into our home (~/) directory.

With Git

Clone this repository into ~/.dotfiles.

This should prompt you to install Xcode Tools.

$ git clone https://github.com/ericclemmons/dotfiles.git .dotfiles
$ cd .dotfiles
$ ./install

Without Git

To install these dotfiles without Git:

cd; curl -#L https://github.com/ericclemmons/dotfiles/tarball/master | tar -xzv --strip-components 1 --exclude={README.md,install,LICENSE-MIT.txt}

To update later on, just run that command again.


$ ./install

Alternatively, to update while avoiding the confirmation prompt:

set -- -f; ./install

Setup OS X

When setting up a new Mac, you may want to set some sensible OS X defaults:

$ source ~/.osx

Install Homebrew formulae

These are housed in ~/Brewfile.

$ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/go/install)"
$ brew bundle

Install native apps with brew cask

You could also install native apps with brew cask:

$ source ~/.cask

Update OS X & App Store Software

  • Launch  + Software Update..., sign-in, and perform any updates.
  • Re-install any paid applications via the App Store.

Install NPM Packages

$ source ~/.node

Customize Environment

  • ~/.extra - Environment settings & variables
  • ~/.path - Additional modifications to $PATH

Final Setup

  • Launch Dropbox.app, so that Sublime Text 2 can pull settings & packages from ~/Dropbox/Sublime Text 2.
  • Launch Sparrow.app & configure mail accounts.
  • Launch 1Password.app Caffeine.app, Flux.app, TotalTerminal.app and set to launch on startup.


Eric Clemmons