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NETEYE Transform & Transition Plugin

Plugin to perform CSS-based transformations and transitions in JavaScript.

The plugin takes care of the different vendor-prefixes and event names. It also keeps track of the transformation-state to allow relative modifications. In browsers that support 3D transforms, the 3D functions are used instead of their 2D counterparts to enable hardware acceleration.


Sets or gets the CSS transform state.

  • .transform(options)
  • .transform(false)
  • .transform()


  • rotate Sets the rotation to the given degree. Use rotateBy to perform a relative rotation.

  • scale Sets the scale factor. The value may either be a number (for proportional scaling) or a {x:number, y:number} object. Use scaleBy for a relative transformation.

  • translate Translates the element by the given number of pixels. The value must be a {x:int, y:int} object. Use translateBy to perform a relative translation.

  • origin String that specifies the transform-origin. Default is '0 0 '.

You may use the $.fn.transform.supported property to check if the browser supports CSS transforms.


Calling .transform(false) resets the state to its default, i.e.:

scale: {x: 1, y: 1},
translate: {x: 0, y: 0},
rotate: {deg: 0}

Query State

If called without arguments, the plugin returns the current state:

	rotate: {deg: int},
	scale: {x: number, y: number},
	translate: {x: int, y: int}


Performs a transition from the current style to the given CSS values. If the browser does not support CSS transitions, the new values are applied instantly.

.transition(css, options)


  • delay Delay (in milliseconds) until the transition should start. Default is 0.

  • duration Transition duration in seconds. Default is 0.4.

  • onFinish Callback that is invoked after the transition is finished. Default is undefined.

You may use the $.fn.transition.supported property to check if the browser supports CSS transitions.


Combination of the two functions above.


Accepts all options supported by either the .transform() or .transition() function. Additionally a css option may be specified to change more than just the transform property.


	scale: 2,
	opacity: 0.5,
	duration: 1.5


Please use the [GitHub issue tracker]{http://github.com/neteye/jquery-plugins/issues} for bug reports and feature requests.