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cklist: The Simple Checklist

cklist is a simple checklist program that manages checklists via files and directories.



Arguments are raw text and affect how some options are interpreted. Generally, options are in the order of and . Currently there is no support for multiple arguments for option/flag.


The options can be entered by the full word, with spaces repaced by - dashes, or the shorthand version (first letter) of that option. Some options may have a different shorthand version than the name of the full option name.

  • h or help

  • Displays the help message, which is the default behavior if no options are given

  • v or version

  • Displays the version and build info

  • c or create

  • Creates a checklist

  • It takes the next argument as the checklist name

  • If you are using spaces, place quotes around the words that make up the argument

  • Example:

  • cklist -c my-checklist

  • a or add

  • Adds an item to a checklist

  • The checklist to add to is the first argument, the item name is the second argument

  • Like with adding checklists, use quotes around multiple words

  • Example:

  • cklist -a my-checklist "some item"

  • l or list

  • Lists all checklist or all specific items within a checklist

  • No extra arguments will default to showing all checklists

  • Supply a checklist name as an argument (quoting where appropriate), to list items within that checklist

  • Example:

  • cklist -l

  • cklist -l my-checklist

  • d or delete

  • Deletes a whole checklist (including all its items) or delete a specific item from a checklist

  • To delete a whole checklist, supply the checklist name as an argument

  • To delete an item, supply the checklist to delete from as the first argument with the item as the second

  • Example:

  • cklist -d my-other-checklist

  • cklist -d my-checklist an-item

  • e or edit

  • Edits a checklist's or an item's name

  • To edit a checklist name, supply 2 arguments, where the first is the current name and the second is the new name

  • To edit an item name, supply 3 args, the first is the checklist, the second is the current item name, the last is the new item name

  • Example:

  • cklist -e my-checklist checklist-1

  • cklist -e checklist-1 "some item" some-item

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