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timec: The Time Converter

timec is a simple time conversion utility that converts time formatting.



Any number of arguments passed in will be interpreted as mm:ss times. timec will then convert the times to the total time in minutes:

$ timec 12:45 8:08 256:32

12:45 = 12.750000 minutes
8:08: = 82.000000 minutes
256:32 = 256.533325 minutes


There are a few options that you can use to change timec's behavior. Using options is started by a - or -- character then the option.

Development Roadmap

There is a list of planned options to be added:

  • -h : Displays help information
  • -v : Displays version info
  • -f : Sets the formatting as stopwatch, 24-hour, or 12-hour time formats
    • -f12 sets formatting as 12-hour
    • -fd : formats time as decimal
  • -d : Calculates difference between two times
    • -d with -fd set : Provides difference in decimal format (mm.%ss)
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