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What is this?

Very basic JS Bookmarklet to pull Song / Album Discography information from various websites when you on a webpage that has song metadata, and lets you copy and paste into a spreadsheet or JSON file.

Useful for those obsessed over cataloging thier music and tracking it by hand (probably very few people).


Demo GIF

What it is not

This does not use an API or headless browser; you have to navigate to the source itself and press the bookmarklet. It is not designed around bulk data extraction, other than an album at a time. I do not have plans to turn this into anything more complicated than it is already is.

Supported sites

Right now, only:

  • AllMusic
  • Bing search results

This repo was mainly created as a way to consolidate the code from two separate bookmarklets I had to use scrape those sources separately.

Short write-up

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