Trivia plugin for Hubot
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A trivia script for Hubot.

!trivia # start game
!trivia help # see commands
!hint # show hint
!end # manual game end (debug only)


  1. Edit package.json and add hubot-trivia to the dependencies section. Example:

    "dependencies": {
      "hubot-trivia": ">= 0.3.0",
  2. Add "hubot-trivia" to your external-scripts.json. Example:

  3. Supply a question database and assign it to @dbfile. This version expects the following table structure:

    table: questions
    fields: category text, title text

    table: answers
    fields: id integer, answer text

    Each row in questions has a unique rowid. The answers table contains one or more accepted answers to each question, with id matching the question's rowid.

    You can find plaintext question lists here:

    Parser at:
    Parser designed for question file\spicytrivia00.txt at trivia link above.