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1 Proton is a utility framework for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch that provides tools useful for building a powerful model layer.
3 # Features
5 - A simple and extensible system for bindings, suitable for use on iOS and for replacing Cocoa Bindings on OS X
6 - Components to make Core Data easier to use, including:
7 - `PROCoreDataManager`, to manage all the resources associated with a single database
8 - Support for copying managed objects between contexts
9 - Support for encoding and decoding managed objects to and from property lists
10 - Convenience methods on `NSManagedObject` and `NSManagedObjectContext` so callers have to write less code
11 - A class for key-value observing that makes it easier to manage the observation of many different objects or key paths
12 - A couple macros to check key paths at compile time (i.e., fail to build when an invalid key path is used)
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13 - Higher-order functions (map, filter, fold) for _all_ built-in collection classes
14 - Extensions to `NSUndoManager` to support blocks and make it simpler to manage undo groupings
15 - `PROFuture`, an extremely fast and simple implementation of block-based futures
b296df5 @jspahrsummers Adding a real README
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17 All of the above features are unit tested, to validate the typical use cases and detect any future breakage.
19 Proton has been built with the [Model-View-ViewModel]( architectural pattern in mind. The `PROViewModel` abstract class can serve as a base for any application-specific view model layer.
21 # Dependencies
23 All dependencies can be retrieved by running `git submodule update --init --recursive` from the top level of the repository.
25 - Xcode projects in the repository are configured using prebuilt [xcconfigs](
26 - The unit tests for Proton are written using [Specta]( and [Expecta](
27 - Logging is implemented using the [CocoaLumberjack]( logging framework
28 - Parts of [libextobjc]( and [SafeDispatch]( are used in Proton (but are already present in the repository)
30 # License
6457a96 @jspahrsummers Remove the BSD license clause that requires binary attribution
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32 Proton is released under a modified version of the 3-clause BSD license. See the LICENSE file for more information.
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