Strengthening your backbone - general plugins for backbone.js
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Strengthening your backbone.

General plugins for backbone.js


Absolutely no setup to get attributes across multiple related models and collections. Use as many or as few arguments as you would like.

Want to find a model's related collection or an attribute from that collection? Just assign arguments to the get method that explan where to look.


Set up your models and collections as normal.

Note = Backbone.Model.extend();
Notes = Backbone.Collection.extend({model: Note});

Owner = Backbone.Model.extend();
Owners = Backbone.Collection.extend({model: Owner});

Company = Backbone.Model.extend();
Companies = Backbone.Collection.extend({model: Company});

Create your collections with models

owners = new Owners({
    id: 42
    name: "Bob from Accounting"
    company_id: 64

notes = new Notes({
    id: 1
    text: "Please submit your TPS reports"
    owner_id: 42

companies = new Companies({
    id: 64
    name: "Initech"


Make your call

company_name = notes.get(1, 'owner_id', owners, 'company_id', companies, 'name')

company_name returns "Initech"

We'll let you follow it through.

Originally based on ligament.js