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The power board for the Mecanumbot robot.
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Mecanumbot Power Board

The power board for the Mecanumbot robot.


  • automatically selects between two batteries and the wall
  • chooses the wall if available, otherwise drains the batteries one at a time
  • provides power voltage and current measuring
  • communicates to the primary vehicle Arduino over I2C
  • provides regulated 5V power for the robot LEDs
  • provides pins for an external switch

See more at

Todo List

  • add battery charging
  • the MAX164* can allegedly charge up to a six cell lipo; i'm not sure if that includes balancing the cell or not too
  • add fusing
  • keep the board / robot powered during microcontroller restart by using flip-flops (useful for loading new code from the robot itself)
  • this could enable comm directly with ROS via USB instead of through I2C through the other Arduino!


Assembled PCB Screenshot

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