This is a Django app template to help you get up and running quickly.
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This is a Django app template to help you get up and running quickly.

The django-quick-start-app template gets everything in order so you can start coding what is unique to your app. A basic template builds on base.html (from django-quick-start-project or elsewhere.) Empty app.js and app.css files are already included in the template. Just install and start coding!


By this point, you should already have a Django project set up. If you haven't, check out django-quick-start-project. Once you do, run the command below replacing app_name with the name of your new app.

cd project
python startapp --template= --extension=py,html app_name

Get to work

To use an app in a Django project, you first need to add the app name to the end of the INSTALLED_APPS list in your projects file. It should look like this:


Next, you'll want to create some models and views associated with your app. The basic polls models as described in the Django tutorials is already include, so if you want to see some models in action, no changes are required.

If you do want to make some changes of your own, you will want to edit code in app_name/, app_name/, app_name/, and app_name/ Also, don't forget to include your app's file in the urlpatterns of your projects main file like so:

url(r'^app_name/', include('app_name.urls', namespace="app_name")),

Once you have your everything set up, add the new tables to your database and start the server:

python syncdb
python runserver

You can then view your polls app by going to http://localhost:8080/app_name/. The admin interface should also be available at http://localhost:8080/admin/.