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A ROS driver for the ELP Dual Lens Stereo Camera.
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A ROS driver for the ELP Dual Lens stereo camera.


Documentation is available on the ROS wiki:

Install from Source

These setup instructions assume that you have Ubuntu 14.04, have ROS Indigo or ROS Jade installed, and have a catkin workspace at ~/catkin_ws. If you don't, follow the Installing and Configuring Your ROS Environment tutorial before proceeding. The following specific packages should be installed if they aren't already:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ros-jade-ros-base ros-jade-image-common ros-jade-image-transport-plugins ros-jade-image-pipeline ros-jade-usb-cam

Now you can install the elp_stereo_camera package:

git clone  ~/catkin_ws/src/elp_stereo_camera

# setup udev rules
sudo cp ~/catkin_ws/src/elp_stereo_camera/debian/99-elp-stereo-camera.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo udevadm control --reload-rules && sudo service udev restart && sudo udevadm trigger

Change History

This project uses semantic versioning.

v1.0.0 - TBD

  • Renamed package
  • Moved documentation to the ROS wiki
  • Added package to ROS apt repository

v0.2.0 - 2016/01/29

  • Added calibration files
  • Added udev rules for consistent left/right camera acquisition
  • Now using usb_cam and a ELP-1MP2CAM001 dual-lens camera

v0.1.0 - 2016/01/27

  • Initial release
  • Stereo camera working with gscam and two ELP-USBFHD01M cameras
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