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Another React Native picker library with blurry background


On your project root:

yarn add react-native-tydligval

properties - must

  • source {String} The source of the background image which is either local or remote (https)
  • key {String} React element key
  • onSelect {Function} Callback that receives the selected and calls your custom callback
  • items {Array} The list of items to iterate over and render

properties - optional (otherwise falling back to the defaults)

  • color {String) Color for default controls
  • triggerButton (Function) Callback that receives items onPress selected and should return your custom trigger {ReactElement}
  • selectButton (Function) Callback that receives item onSelect and should return your custom select button which is the list item itself {ReactElement}
  • closeButton (Function) Callback that receives onClose and should return your custom close button and also call the onClose() event {ReactElement}

This repo

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