The short-lived FixYoureYour Twitter bot.
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FixYoureYour was a short-lived Twitter bot that I wrote as an experiment. It trolled people by automatically "correcting" their usage of the words "you're" and "your" in Tweets, even if they got it right before, and often with the wrong correction.

You can see its handiwork here on Twitter at @FixYoureYour on Twitter, and you can read more about it on my site.

Warning: This repository is provided for reference only. It is missing two files (twitter-config.js and inappropriate.js), without which it is non-functional. More importantly, this bot is against the rules. Twitter has rules that all bots must abide by, and this one breaks them - specifically, it is against the rules to send automated replies based on a keyword search, which is exactly what FixYoureYour does. The original bot was shut down by Twitter. I wrote it for fun knowing that it wouldn't last long.