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Cloudbreak Cuisine simplifies interaction with Hortonworks Cloudbreak & Whoville
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Cloudbreak Cuisine - v0.1


Cloudbreak Cuisine is a React application allowing easier use of Hortonworks Cloudbreak/Whoville, by offering the following functionalities:

  • Choose from a Library Of Pre-Built Blueprints & Recipes combinations (a.k.a. Bundles)
  • Generate your own Bundles
  • Deploy your Bundles



  • Docker

Important: For whoville, follow the setup instructions here.

You must have an SSHKEY environment variable containing the path to your private key key_name.pem.

You must have a PROFILE environment variable containing the path to your whoville profile.yml.

In addition, for Cuisine add the following option in profile.yml:

user_mode: UI

Clone this repository

git clone

Start Cuisine

The following will download all dependencies using NPM, and start the various components:

cd cloudbreak-cuisine/

Go have a cup of coffee!

When startup completes, point a browser to http://localhost:3000/.

The Swagger API UI for the Cuisine Backend can be found at http://localhost:4000/api-docs.


Something didn't work?

Restart the application. Restarting ensures the latest version is running.


Questions? Cloudera employees can join us in #proj_whoville on Slack.

Basic usage


Josiah Goodson - Initial work - LinkedIn

Paul Vidal - Initial work - LinkedIn


Jeff Kibler - Beta Tester

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