JavaScript view server for CouchDB using V8 VM
JavaScript C++


This is simple implementation of JavaScript view server for CouchDB but using V8 ( engine.

Install (tested on Linux, Ubuntu 8.10)

1. Download V8 source code 2. Put in samples directory 3. Compile V8 libraries (scons mode=release library=static snapshot=on) 4. Open SConscript file in root directory of V8 and add “couch_v8” on lines 356 and 380 4. Compile couch_v8 (scons samples=couch_v8) 6. (optional) Copy couch_v8 binary into same directory with couchjs (on Ubuntu /usr/bin) binary and place main8.js in directory with main.js (on Ubuntu, /usr/share/couchdb/server) 5. Edit your CouchDB configuration to use couch_v8 binary and main8.js


  • This is technically my first code written in C++ so it’s probably not that good, even though it is based on example included in V8’s samples.
  • V8 dose not support E4X standard so CouchDB tests with XML will fail
  • Also sandboxing test will fail because it has not been implemented (yet)