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Eerie, package manager for Io

Eerie is an attempt to create feature-full package manager for Io, due to lack of working and usable package managers.
Eerie is modelled after Rip which means that there is no central repository of packages, and that environments
are used as a tool for switching between different versions.

How to install

$ git clone git://
$ cd eerie
$ io ~/.path_to_your_shell_startup_script
$ source ~/.path_to_your_shell_startup_script

Eerie currently ships with a simple eerie command which can do all sorts exciting of things!

$ eerie install git://

That will, for example, install the Generys package! How exciting!
For a complete guide on installing and using Eerie check out its web site.


Currently implemented

  • Working package manager
  • Converting local files and folders into packages
  • Installing from Git, SVN, Bazaar and Mercurial repositories, as well as tarballs (.tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .7z, , .zip, .rar)
  • Addons with .c files are being compiled and loaded properly
  • All installations are local to the current user, there is no “global mode”
  • Command-line tool

Missing basic features (should be added soon)

  • Installing specific version of a package
  • Documentation
  • Tests

Planned features

  • Ability to locally patch packages, à la BSD Ports (see also)
  • Run tests during install
  • Generate documentation
  • Optional central repository (or repositories, like Ruby Gems)