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Generys, wanna-be web framework for Io

What’s the point?

Mostly it was a personal goal to learn a bit more about the amazing little language called Io.
Another goal was to create a simple web framework which could
reliably serve lots of data — no Views or templates, since all of that can be done within browser,
why should I waste my money on expensive servers?


Use Eerie to install Generys.

How to use

Explore. :)

Place all your controllers into app/controllers/ and make sure you assign to
a variable whose name ends with “Controller”, like CarsController := Controller clone do(...).

Basic documentation is also available, just remember to $ make doc.


The “framework” is DB-agnostic, yet it contains a small CouchDB library, which is
far from complete. IORM seems like a good choice.


Even tough there is no baked-in support for templating, Generys has a trick in her sleeve!
SelectorDecomposer provides jQuery-like mechanism for querying and modifying instances of SGMLElement.
Take a look at samples/Chat/app/Controllers/ on how to use it.

How to run

You can cd to directory where your application is placed and run io.
You can also, run generys -r=/path/to/project, assuming you’ve installed generys “binary”.

Io additions

To work more easily with Io, Generys has few tricks:
First of all, you can use JSON syntax for Maps!
Yes, this is a valid Io code:

{colour: "Red", favourite: false, numbers:[1, 2, 3]}

To access an item from Map or List you can use square brackets:

anMap["colour"] == anMap at("colour")
anMap["colour", "favourite"] == anMap select(key, value, key == "colour" or key == "favourite")
anList[ 0] == anList at(0)
anList[1,-1] == anList exSlice(1, -1)
"string"[0] == 115
"string"[0, 1] == "string" exSlice(0, 1)

Coding style

Just to make it more fun, all closing brackets are in the same line:

lispy := method(
  self isThisLispInspired ifTrue(
    "Yes, it is!" println))

With one notable exception:

Object clone do(
  methodsAndStuff := true

“Class” variables are addressed with self before, just to differentiate them from “instance” variables.

Car := Object clone do(
  a := 4
  b := 5

switchPlaces := method( c := self a self a = self b self b = c self)



Wanna-be web framework for Io






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