An Open wonderland module to connect to the service and automate the download of 3D models in-world
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-- OurBricks module   --

This module connects to the API and provides an automated way of
searching for models and upload them directly to Open Wonderland through an
inworld GUI.

Classpaths and expected structure for Netbeans

This module will need little modifications if it is downloaded (or cloned) in a structure 
that resembles the following 'my-own-wonderland-modules' directory.  Please note that for 
module development, the sources of Open Wonderland have to be available locally.

If you have your Wonderland sources in your user directory, the expected structure should
look like:

	| [loads of stuff here]

	--> stable
	|	| [modules here]
	--> unstable
		| [modules here]

	--> unstable
		--> rest-module-sample

If you drop the module in that last directory (or a similar structure but with your own names)
then all the classpaths should be ready to go. If not, follow the instructions in the tutorial
to change your settings for Netbeans.

-- Usage              --
Usage is as per normal Open Wonderland modules use; more info at

To execute the unit test just type: ant test

If any of the tests fail or you see anything weird in the code please DO get in touch!

Jos (July 2o11)