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Introduction to C++ programming for C programmers
C++ QMake
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Introduction C++

Introduction C++ programming for C programmers

Basic Qt C++ GUI programming UNDER CONSTRUCTION.


  • Namespaces: :: scope resolution operator, std namespace
  • IOstreams: using namespace std, cout, << operator, cin, >> operator
  • Formatting
  • FunctionOverloading


  • CallByReference
  • String
  • StringAndC


  • Array: standard array templated class <....>, container class, range based for loop, auto type deduction.
  • ForwardList: standard SLL.
  • Rectangle: user defined class implementation in C++03, constructor, constructor initialization list, constructor overloading, class data members, getters, setters, const correct.
  • Point: user defined class modular implementation in C++03, header and implementation file.
  • ObjectSelfie: shows memory adresses of class member functions and data, this pointer, static class member functions and data.
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