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CREPL: Common Lisp REPL for Android

This program reuses code from the Terminal Emulator for Android application.

CREPL is licensed under the version 3 of the GPL and Terminal Emulator for Android under the Apache License Version 2.0; as far as I know is permited to include code licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 in a project licensed under the GPL version 3. More information:





Embedded Common Lisp (ECL)

For compile and run this application you need the develop branch of ECL that you can get from

Get the develop branch; use this git command line:

git clone -b develop

For instructions on how to compile ECL please read The ECL Quarterly volume 3.

In Debian or Ubuntu you need the package gcc-multilib.

Android SDK and NDK


Compilation of CREPL

After compiling the host and target ECL as said by The ECL Quaterly get the CREPL repository an go to the cl-android directory to create two symbolic links:

git clone
cd crepl/cl-android
ln -s $PATH_TO_ECL_SOURCE/ecl-android-target ecl-android
ln -s ecl-android/lib/ecl-*.*.* ecl-libdir

Then change to the CREPL main directory and run gradle

cd ..
gradle assembleDebug

If everything is OK you can find the APK archive here: