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Material Design icons + Development Experience
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Project's Demo Page

MDIDX - Same Material Design icons, Better DX

MDIDX (this repository) is a ~fork (+ fixes) of Google's Material Design icons repository. Sadly, Google allocates low maintenance and low support for issues reported by software developers having trouble using the Material Design icons library.

MDIDX helps modern web developers to use and include the (awesome) Material Design icons library in their project.


using bower

bower install material-design-icons-iconfont --save

using npm

npm install material-design-icons-iconfont --save

Usage - Check out the Demo Page

  • Using bower

    bower IMO is the simplest way to use this project
    Add this inside your <head>

    <link href="bower_components/material-design-icons-iconfont/dist/material-design-icons.css" rel="stylesheet">

    Later on, reference your desired icon <i class="material-icons"> + icon-id + </i>. For instance:

    <i class="material-icons">contact_support</i>

    Visit the Demo Page for the full icons list

  • Using scss

    Import fonts and variables in your project

    $material-design-icons-font-directory-path: '~material-design-icons-iconfont/dist/fonts/';
    @import '~material-design-icons-iconfont/src/material-design-icons';

    Customize your own classes

    access material variable with Sass mixins:

    .my-face {
      @include material-icon('face');
    # or
    .my-face:before {
      content: material-icons-content('face');

What's the difference? Why forking?

  • Performance - When you checkout Google's original repository ( via git, npm and bower) you experience an unwanted delay. This checkout delay is caused by thousands of separate source graphic svg,png,... files.

    Needless to say that these file are irrelevant for the average developer's purposes and cause build congestion (especially when using in CI systems)

    In this fork all irrelevant files have been removed while keeping only the required files.

  • SCSS Support - Modern developers need support for scss. You can customize the referenced font's files filename and path

  • Maintenance - The original repository's release has missing icons that should be included according to

Demo Page


How to contribute to this project

Configure environment

Install nodejs on your environemt (> 7.6 for async await)

running build

npm install
npm run build
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