Small command-line program to set the Bing Image of the Day as your background
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BingBackground is a small command-line program that downloads the Bing homepage image and sets it as your desktop background. Images are saved in your picture directory in a folder named "Bing Backgrounds".


Clone the GitHub repo and run the executable found here, or download the executable and dll file only from Google Drive.

##Configuration You can configure what type of background position you'd like using the App.config file found here. Valid options are "Tile", "Center", "Stretch", "Fit", and "Fill". The default is "Fill".

##Future Features:

  • Add custom resolution configuration
  • Add more robust try/catch error handling
  • Add offline check to avoid unnecessary attempts/crashes
  • Add UI for config edits
  • Automatically launch at configured frequency/time
  • Clean up unnecessary files in the repo
  • Include installer/uninstaller
  • Multiple monitor support (customize same background, or different days on different monitors)


The source code currently consists of one .cs file located here. Contributions are always welcome!


Josue Espinosa,