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import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Router, CanActivate } from '@angular/router';
import { AuthService } from './auth.service';
export class GuardService implements CanActivate {
constructor(public auth: AuthService, public router: Router) {}
canActivate(): boolean {
if (!this.auth.isAuthenticated()){
console.log ('bye');
// this.router.navigate(['/login']);
return false;
console.log ('Welcome');
return true;
// The service injects AuthService and Router and has a single method called canActivate.
// This method is necessary to properly implement the CanActivate interface.
// The canActivate method returns a boolean indicating whether or not navigation to a route should be allowed.
// If the user isn’t authenticated, they are re-routed to some other place, in this case a route called /login.
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