Convert Postgres HStores to and from Ruby Hashes.
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Simple library that handles the conversion of Postgres HStores to and from Ruby Hashes. There is also a serializer that can be used in ActiveRecord models for storing unstructured data.


Create the HStore extension in your Postgres database:

create extension hstore;

Add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'hstore_serializer', :git => 'git://', :ref => 'v0.2.0'

Where ref can be the version of your choosing.

Independent Usage

# Hash to HStore
{:a => 'apple', :b => 'banana bread', :fruit => true}.to_hstore
=> 'a=>apple,fruit=>true,b=>"banana bread"'

# HStore to Hash
'a=>apple,fruit=>true,b=>"banana bread"'.from_hstore
=> {"a"=>"apple", "b"=>"banana bread", "fruit"=>"true"}

NOTE: Keep in mind that HStore keys and values are always typecasted as text in Postgres, and can only be one-dimensional.

Using With ActiveRecord

class Basket < ActiveRecord::Base
  serialize :fruits, HstoreSerializer

# Create a new record
basket = Basket.create(:fruits => {:a => "apple", :b => "banana bread"})

# Find records with the key "a"
Basket.where("fruits ? 'a'")

# Find records where the key "a" is equal to "apple"
Basket.where("fruits -> 'a' = ?", "apple")

# Updating HStore values
basket.fruits["a"] = "apricot"

NOTE: You can find more HStore query operators at


The important parts of this library were pulled from, and the idea to use a serializer came from

The main driver of this library was to make a light weight and well tested library without any dependencies on ActiveRecord or ActiveSupport.